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Our children often tell us that they are bored and today I asked her to get her paints out and draw something for her journal... this was her surprise me this morning . I was totally blown away with it. Art journaling has so many benefits for children , one being alleviating stress and boredom . It helps with self expression which can also raise their self esteem. It's not about being perfect, art should be a process over time which gradually gives our children a space to be creative.

It is an inexpensive way of helping them to express themselves through art and words. We spent one Sunday painting together and it helped in our communication and bonding . Children learn through play and art journaling is a fun and exciting way to see what they will create. And because it is therapeutic it helps them to connect with their heart and mind which helps them to feel relaxed.

Some prompts that you could use are:

I am...

If I had a wish ...

My idea of peace ...

My special place ..

All you need are paints, gel pens, crayons and paper or a spiral bound note book and whole lot of fun!

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