Living gratitude

When I counted my blessings my whole world turned around~ Willie Nelson

Gratitude helps to remind us what is truly important and helps us rise above our circumstances. When you can feel grateful for the people and beauty around you, then chances are you will be more likely to love your life and love yourself too. One of the ways I keep focussed and positive is keeping a gratitude journal. It’s a phenomenal way to look at your life. One of the best ways for us to feel better about ourselves is to express gratitude, I do this my writing at least 3 things that I am grateful for at the end of the day. It’s the start of a self-awareness journey. It will show you how much you have in your life, even when at times you don’t feel you have anything. And it is not just about material things , for me it is about appreciating the those small moments that add up to having a great impact in your life, it’s about looking at the beauty around you, nature , flowers in your garden, running water, the kindness of strangers, the word someone says that made you smile. We can so easily rush through life and not stop to take a deeper look at the small things that make an incredible impact in our lives. Gratitude for me is appreciating who you are, appreciating and nurturing the gifts that have been given to you and more. Gratitude and self love is reaching deep within and loving your reflection. Start by writing a positive affirmation in your journal and can be as simple as ‘ I am enough’ . Being intentional writing down and taking note of all the great things in our lives, we are able to focus more on the good and this helps us to feel more positive about who we are.

Gratitude has been my passion and a few years ago I developed a range of journals for young girls to help them to embrace who they are. Cherish Me is a Gratitude Journal that helps girls to develop a positive attitude by finding gratitude in everyday life's moments.

Journal writing for me now it's my reflection time. I try to look at the beauty around me, things I would have taken for granted. For me it's like an internal shift. On my down days as I look back in my journal, it has showed me how life has been a blessing, even through those hard times.

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