Describe your hair in one word~ Lush!

Who are you? ~ Grace

Tell me about your child hood memories of your hair experience

It's hurts! My mum used to draw the comb from root to tip! And washing my hair with pal love soap with zero conditioner!

Did your mother have natural hair? Was this throughout your entire childhood or not.

Yes, but pressed it occasionally. I did not see her with a relaxer until I was 13 (1983)

Can you remember how your mother described your hair? Or other female family members?

It range from Pretty, thick and tall to coarse.

How did others view your hair in the family,

Same as above

School – not really discussed

Work – same as above

Have you always had natural hair ?

No- I was natural from 0 to 13 with the occasional pressing and for the last 10 years

What stages of regime ( permed, relax, gericurl hot iron pressed) different hair did you go through before being natural or have you been natural all your life?

In between the stages above I had my first chemical at 13 (relaxer) the curly perm from 14 to 17. Then discover the world of dry perm (leisure curl) from 17 to 19 then relaxer ever since.

When you transitioned to natural hair where did you get the support, friends family, internet colleagues?

Friends, family and an African American hair forum.

Who has influenced you most in wearing your natural hair?

My cousin and several hair bloggers on YouTube such as Mahoney curls

If you have children or young girl relatives, what have their hair experiences been at school ?


Describe your hair now in one word?


What do you love about your hair

The ability to wear it straight or curly

Do you have any favorite styles?

A couple of canerows or twistout are my go to style

Do you have any favorite products?

Karen Body beautiful’s butter love. It makes my hair easy to unravel if in plaits/twists especially the ends.

Keracare hydrating shampoo – I've used it on/off for 20 years. My hair love it!

Mizani’s fiberfyl conditioner – protein treatment which is quick and effective.

What positive message would you like to say to a young girl about their hair?

No two heads of hair are the same. Get to know your hair and do what works for you.

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