I'll be telling my daughter that her hair is her beauty

Who are you? Linda

My hair has always been thick and long, and we were always trying to find ways to tame the beast!. I remember the 'joys' of getting it combed, (being 'kuffed' in the head one too many times for not keeping still whilst it was being combed!). As a baby, mum used to comb my hair all nicely and then within no time my hair would be all unraveled because I'd sit there and play with it, then that would mean extra knots. Eventually I learned to keep my hair neat. Not every session was painful, but we always remember the bad times don’t we! I can't remember the age I started to comb my own hair but I'd like to add ribbons, later braids with beads etc etc . To this very day one of my aunts still complains how her back hurt her the one time she tried to wash my hair, but then I remember another aunty who washed and combed my hair and no tears were shed by either of us! So much so I use to ask to go around to her house when my hair was due to be washed because I knew it would be pain free!

Did your mother have natural hair? Was this throughout your entire childhood or not.

Mum used to press her hair for years, every 2 weeks like clockwork she'd go to a salon to get her hair washed and pressed (I used to love going with her). It was only when I was in my late teens that we finally persuaded her to get her hair relaxed, the salon had closed and she was finding it difficult to find places to have her hair done, plus it was starting to thin with all the pressing

Can you remember how your mother described your hair? Or other female family members?

Your hair is too nuff!!

How did others view your hair in the family,School:

They liked it, I had so many different styles, one week braids, one week cornrows, then when it was relaxed, straight, curly etc, it even tried to have the Farah Fawcett look at some point!. They were a bit jealous sometimes because they could only do one or two styles!

Work: Everyone wants to touch it!

Have you always had natural hair ? No

What stages of regime ( permed, relax, gericurl hot iron pressed) different hair did you go through before being natural or have you been natural all your life?

I was natural until about 14, then I was allowed to get my hair relaxed. I had it relaxed for years, but once I moved country it was difficult to find places to get my hair done, my hair needed relaxing every 6-8 weeks and it was starting to break with the heat and constant washing and blow drying . I decided to try braids again, now I just have my hair professionally braided every 3 months because its cost and time effective, and all I have to do is wash it. I must admit every 8-10 months I still get it relaxed in order to 'tame the mane' because it was getting very knotty and hard to braid/wash when the roots grew back in (at one point we thought we'd have to cut some big clumps of hair out of the middle of my head)

If you have children or young girl relatives, what have their hair experiences been at school ?

I have a 2 year old daughter and she love her hair, because its different to the rest of children. They want her to have it out every day, but that’s not practical anymore as her hair is thicker now.

How do you instill positivity in our girls particularly when they have a negative experience ?

My daughter currently loves to get her hair done. Her hair started out soft so there was minimal maintenance, once it started to thicken up she obviously didn’t have the patience to sit still. Now it's

thick and long but she's quite happy for me to wash it and sit still whilst I comb it (maybe because she knows she gets to watch her videos whilst I do it!). I'll be telling my daughyer that her hair is her beauty and that she has hair different from everyone's that’s why its extra special, especially as she can do so many styles with it. I also have a few books about black girls hair

Describe your hair now in one word?


What do you love about your hair

It maybe thick but its healthy and soft and I wouldn't change it

What positive message would you like to say to a young girl about their hair?

Your hair is your beauty, treasure it.

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