Have fun with it and never see natural hair as a limitation

Who are you? Jenaitre

Director of My Ebony box

Tell me about your child hood memories of your hair experience

As a child I remember having what I considered ruff hair, I remember endless hours of what felt like torture, having my hair washed, greased and plaited and the feeling of having it being pulled and being told if I don’t keep still I will get into trouble. I remember the endless comb cunks in my hair for not keeping still when being told. I also remember feeling different as I went to mainly European schools and feeling as though I wasn’t as beautiful as my friends. The only good memories I had was when I had beads in my hair which made me feel pretty or the hot comb came out to straighten my hair.

Did your mother have natural hair? Was this throughout your entire childhood or not.

No she had chemically processed hair.

Can you remember how your mother described your hair? Or other female family members?

My mum always told me what beautiful hair I had and how soft it was.

How did others view your hair in the family, - Not sure but I felt that because I had a light skin cousin with soft and long hair the focus was always on her hair.

School – My European friends always wanted to touch it and I remember someone saying it felt cotton wool.

Work n/a

Have you always had natural hair ? - No

What stages of regime ( permed, relax, gericurl hot iron pressed) different hair did you go through before being natural or have you been natural all your life?

I was allowed to have it hot combed for special occasions from the age of 9 and When I was 13 I was allowed to get a relaxer. I had it relaxed until being 30 when I decided I wanted to return back to my roots.

When you transitioned to natural hair where did you get the support, friends family, internet colleagues? – The internet has been an amazing support as well as my partner and son who wanted me to stop wearing wigs.

Who has influenced you most in wearing your natural hair? – Black girl magic has helped given me the strength.

If you have children or young girl relatives, what have their hair experiences been at school ? – My son often has his friends want to touch his hair. He Didn’t understand why European hair could stand up in a hightop after being gelled and his couldn’t.

How do you instill positivity in our girls particularly when they have a negative experience ?

Set an example show them images of other girls like them who they can relate too,

Describe your hair now in one word?

My hair is my beautiful crown.

What do you love about your hair

It’s mine and its all natural

Do you have any favorite styles?

Wrap or afro.

Do you have any favorite products?


What positive message would you like to say to a young girl about their hair?

Love your hair and what you have been given, be kind to yourself and that includes looking after your hair. Have fun with it and never see natural hair as a limitation, you can still enjoy protective styling and make sure you keep your hair always full of moisture.

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