Your hair is your crown

Who are you? ~ Patsy

Tell me about your child hood memories of your hair experience

My hair was never long so of course this is what I wanted. It was terribly dry and post-wash always left it crunchy for days which resulted in me laden it with ‘grease’. My cousin was a hairdresser so every new chemical treatment that came out was tested in my hair first! It was in terrible condition.

Did your mother have natural hair? Was this throughout your entire childhood or not.

No. She never has. In fact, she was also my cousin’s guinea pig!

Can you remember how your mother described your hair? Or other female family members?

Short. Peel out. Mi nuh know why it wont grow. Picky picky.

How did others view your hair in the family,

School – children used to touch it, the look at the oil on their hand and shout out – “Urrrgghh, it’s GREASY!” and wipe it back on me.

Work – I think people are too PC to say anything nowadays, but a very recent comment I had when I changed my wig twice in the course of 1 week was “It’s interesting”.

Have you always had natural hair ? No

What stages of regime ( permed, relax, gericurl hot iron pressed) different hair did you go through before being natural or have you been natural all your life? All of the above

When you transitioned to natural hair where did you get the support, friends family, internet colleagues?

Mainly internet and one friend that introduced me to the idea

Who has influenced you most in wearing your natural hair?

Although I am natural, I use protective styling so no-one (other than my family) sees my natural hair. My influences are expressive hairstyles like that of Joie Lee but it would appear that my hair just can’t achieve a similar twist out. I must say, I feel like I’ve come full circle – back to desiring what I haven’t got.

If you have children or young girl relatives, what have their hair experiences been at school ?

When my niece was at School, her mu

m used to braid her hair with a little piece of extension hair. She once came to pick her up to find that the other children (along with the teacher) had tried to unravel it! I recently had the same experience with my own daughter who is 4.

Describe your hair now in one word?


What do you love about your hair

It is strong and healthy

Do you have any favorite styles?

As above

Do you have any favorite products?

Crème of Natural moisturiser

What positive message would you like to say to a young girl about their hair?

Your hair is your crown. Wear it with pride – whatever you have been given.

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