Love that its strong, its mine, its beautiful and versatile.

Who are you?~ Siphiwe ~ I am a fashion designer named Yakini Designs.

Tell me about your child hood memories of your hair experience?

My earliest memory of my hair was going to have my hair permed by a guy who ran a salon from his home. I cried firstly because he was tugging my hair and then my scalp began to burn. It was the worst sensation ever. However after the ordeal was over my hair looked silky and smooth and felt as light as a feather and there was no longer a need to have an afro comb. My hair brush just glided through my hair. From then on I thought that it was pretty, beautiful silky and straight. I forgot the pain came with it. There is an African saying my mum always used to say: ‘Buble buyafelwa’ loosely translated ‘ you suffer for beauty’

It was in 2008 that I cut off my relaxed hair . However before that I went through so many hairstyles. I relaxed it, dyed it, braided it , weaved it, trimmed it and hot ironed it.

My father was the one who helped me cut off my relaxed hair. I went super short and my dad loved it, but not my then boyfriend. I saw my dad’s hair and loved it . He has gorgeous thick long dread locks and he has so much pride in them. He would always say to my mum, she looked better without relaxed hair ( like when they first met she used to rock an afro).

I decided in 2008 whilst at university that I wanted to be genuine, go back to my roots and be naturally beautiful. I gave my dad the scissors and the rest is history.

Have you always had natural hair ?

Siphiwe remembered a saying from her mother ‘buble buyafelwa ‘ you suffer for your beauty . She cut her perm 2008 but before this transition she went through dying it, weave, plaits , trimmed it and hot iron it. Siphiwe talked about how she opted for a DIY relaxer and her hair stuck to her scalp!

It was her father who encouraged her to cut off her perm in 2008. Siphiwe described her father’s hair as thick gorgeous dreadlocks . Surprisingly or not? It was her dad who cut her hair, but her mother had her hair permed.

How do you instill positivity in our girls particularly when they have a negative experience ?

Love your hair that grows naturally from your head and ditch relaxers

Describe your hair now in one word?

my hair !

What do you love about your hair?

Love that its strong , its mine its beautiful and versatile

I love styling it in updos

Do you have any favorite products?

Jamaican castor oil

What positive message would you like to say to a young girl about their hair?

Love yourself in its natural state but most importantly love yourself and if you can’t have your hair naturally remember what India Aira says: ‘I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.

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