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I wanted to get some insight into how a circle of women in my group , felt about their hair. I do believe the way we view our hair as women, does have an impact on how our girls perceptions of their natural hair. Cherish Me will be having conversations about who we are and will start from head to toe. The next few posts will be looking at our hair. The aim of my conversation is for women to tell their hair story as My hope is that their story will inspire our girls to love themselves and the curls of their hair.

New post of our hair conversation coming next week!

I will first start with myself:

Tell me about your child hood memories of your hair experience?

My childhood memories of my hair experience have been generally positive. I used to dread wash day because I had a lot of hair and mum would wash it as though washing clothes! I used to have the one of 3 hairstyles,3 large plaits, two plaits or a bun, all with ribbons. I remember being sat at my mother’s knees having my hair done. I think I started to do my own hair at 14 years and this was total liberation I was able to gauge combing so I felt little pain. I didn’t experiment with different hairstyles, I mainly two cane rows or plaits pinned up. Occasionally I would have it pressed (hot iron comb) for special occasions.

Did your mother have natural hair? Was this throughout your entire childhood or not.

My mother was totally natural. She only had her hair pressed occasionally.

Can you remember how your mother described your hair? Or other female family members?

Thick , ‘oooh you have a head of hair’

How did others view your hair in the family,

Most of them always advised my mother to perm it as it was too thick and then they would say ‘ then you can manage it more’

School: friends admired my hair and always questioned why I didn’t experiment with different styles, they always said that I was boring with my hair! My school was predominately black children and I believe that made a difference. Girls at the time had natural hair and some were emerging with curly perms .

Work: I have had positive attitude towards my hair from work colleagues. Some have questioned how I keep my twists in. some including black women have asked if I have extensions in .

Have you always had natural hair ?

Yes, totally natural never had chemicals in my hair

What stages of regime ( permed, relax, gericurl hot iron pressed) of your hair did you go through, before being natural or have you been natural all your life?

Natural all my life.

Who has influenced you most in wearing your natural hair?

My mother, she always said 'your hair is your beauty'

If you have children or young girl relatives, what have their hair experiences been at school ?

Both my daughters have had children wanting to touch their hair to ‘see how it feels’ the have questioned ‘how do you keep your plaits in?’

How do you instill positivity in our girls particularly when they have a negative experience ?

Being a role model, talk positively about their hair and share books and images that embraces reflections of themselves.

Describe your hair now in one word?


What do you love about your hair

I love the feel, the way it can change from tight curls when it’s washed and loose curls after a few days. I love it in its natural state; I can’t imagine it any other way.

Do you have any favorite styles?

Twists and twist outs

Do you have any favorite products?

Organix range ,Castor oil Lush

What positive message would you like to say to a young girl about their hair?

Love every strand of your hair, it’s a crown given by God .

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