Rise above your circumstances

Gratitude ; You are in the place where you need to be. There have been many times when I have looked at my life and wished I was further ahead, wanting more, if only, deserving more and wishing I could change the time. As I have looked back on those events and times in my life, I now accept that it wasn't the right season for the harvest. When things are planted they need to grow and for most part of my life , I did not water that thought, that dream or idea. Even in the dry barren places we can grow, no matter what the season, God has given us unique gifts to cherish and bloom. He will make the conditions right. I have come to realise that conditions are rarely ever perfect, we need to be pruned or re soiled .

Appreciate what is going on around you right here, right now. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be.

Don't doubt your own gifts . Having an attitude of gratitude is the best way to start loving the life that you have now. I have started to look beyond my circumstances because He who began a good thing in me will be will be faithful to complete it Phil 1:6


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