Backyard seasons: Snowflakes are kisses from heaven ~ anon

Good morning Winter!

Today we had a brief encounter of snow, had to capture it before it melted.

Snow seems to create a stunning landscape, my garden looks so different in Winter. There's something special about snow, there is a stillness, less birds singing ,scraping car windows, stamping boots and wellies . Yet beneath the ground plants and flowers are preparing to bloom. Birds and other wildlife are relying on us to provide food and homes . So many changes in Winter and so much to be grateful for:

I am grateful for more family time, winter draws us more into our warm homes, time for flannelette sheets and watching a great DVD. Yesterday we watched Annie the movie totally enjoyed it.

I am grateful for winter months they urge me to make hearty Caribbean soups a fantastic winter warmer!

I am grateful that the days are getting longer but we are one step closer to spring

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