This is  our latest Self care Journal 

Becoming Me takes them a step further on their self-love journey. Becoming Me is a self-care journal with tips and interactive journal prompts which aims to:
Replace doubts with self-belief
Help unlearn society’s beauty standards
Promote self-love and encourage them to be the best version of themselves
Teach girls not to compare themselves with others.


New release :

Brother : a journal for black boys, which encourages them to read, write and reflect. Journal writing and creating their own affirmations is one of the greatest ways to create strong and resilient minds. Brother a journal for black boys is a positive way to start them on their journey. 


Nayo and friends is an alphabet affirmation book, she loves affirmations and shares them with her friends. Specially made for preschoolers. 


This weekly school and life planner is suitable for girls, who want to organise her school work daily. Filled with quotes and inspiration to keep them motivate them every week.

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This journal is  written and illustrated by my daughter. 

Little gems of inspiration for younger girls.

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