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Cherish Me

Proud to inspire girl’s to cherish- value and love themselves

Mission statement

Cherish me is a journey to self-love using the tools of journaling, positive affirmations and beautiful art that reminds girls how beautiful she is.

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Hi there

Thank you for coming to our space. I am Carolyn the founder of Cherish Me. We are a mum and daughter family business and my eldest daughter is the illustrator for Cherish Me. 


We wanted to create a special space for brown and black girls to strengthen their relationship with themselves. We want to promote self-love and encourage them to be the best version of themselves and we do this in a variety of ways. We have also recently created well being products for boys, following many requests from our customers.


Child emotional wellness is at the forefront of our business and most of our gifts reflect this. 


Our gifts include:

Journals for both boys and girls

Affirmation cards

Note books

Cherish Me self care box

Greeting cards

T-shirts and tote bags


We want children to feel inspired and empowered every time they are gifted with our products.


I want all black girls to know and believe that they are the absolute definition of beauty- Carolyn Clarke



Carolyn has received a recognition award Womanhood Global 2016.

She has also been awarded by Derby and Derbyshire Inspirational Award 2017

Bex Live Award 2017 ~ Author of colour and Mentor 


We were selected, by

Theo Paphitis- as one of the winners of small business Sunday 




Cherish Me was inspired  by the experiences of raising my two daughters ,in a society that tells them that their beauty is always under scrutiny. I was also troubled by the alarming facts about the low self esteem of girls in our society and this was my drive both as a mother and professional that I could not sit back on the skills that I have. It was the mothers that I have met in my work life and the community, whose girls were experiencing issues of poor self esteem and self worth, who made me believe that there were good reasons to develop Cherish Me program.

It's real life issues that face girls as young as 7 years , that made me want to contribute something to our community. Working with with young girls from 7-12 years is the ideal time to start developing self love  I wanted to send the positive message early! 
I also found it difficult to find journals particularly that had positive images of black girls and this was my impetus to involve my daughters in developing Cherish Me journals .My eldest daughter Xavia is the illustrator of the Cherish Me Brand . I wanted young black girls to feel confident when they opened one of our journals and to know that they are valuable and lovable just the way they are. 


How do we spread this message?


We have recently started workshops~ affirmations and gratitude , self love activities.
Visual: Art representing positive images ~ girls use messages from the media to evaluate themselves and this can impact on their self-esteem. This is why it's so important to show them positive images of themselves
Writing: my journals are a great and encourage each girl to write positive things about themselves and their lovable qualities.

After many requests , we have recently published a Brother a journal for black boys. We hope it will encourage them to believe in themselves and have dreams that they can write about in their journals. 

I also need to mention my youngest daughter, who has enjoyed journals that she has also published 3 books: A journal for the younger girl which celebrates diversity . She has recently published a School Planner for girls and also a book about Self belief for girls! which is awesome. Check out 'our books section'.Her business is called At Nyks World!.

Journal time


Our t-shirts


Cherish Me self care box


Cherish Me self care cards


we hope you will be back!

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